Rapid Prototype Centre in Pune

3D-Printing Centre in Pune, fulfilling all types of Rapid Prototyping Requirements.

About Our Rapid Prototype Centre

Auto Cluster is equipped with an established Rapid Prototyping centre in Pune. ACDRI Possesses the latest technology in 3D printing along with variants of SLA, SLS, FDM, and Vacuum Casting are available. Auto Cluster provides its services to MSMEs who are looking for a cost-effective solution rather than buying costly machines.

Our Rapid Prototyping Capabilities

Our 3D Printing capabilities include all variants of SLA, SLS, FDM, and Vacuum Casting. Recently our Rapid Prototyping team completed the development of prototypes for medical instruments (Oximeter, Temperature, Gun), Face shield, masks, Door opener. The prototype development was done via available 3D printing setup, which further contributed to the R and D operations of medical equipment.

Industries that use Our Rapid Prototyping Facility

Engineering and non-engineering industry like:

  • Automotive component manufacturers
  • Medical equipment manufacturers
  • Architectural
  • Educational start-ups 
  • Defense
  • E-Vehicles
  • Automotive Heavy Engineering

Rapid Prototype Machines


SLA – 3D Systems 7000 HD


SLS – EOS P385


FDM – Stratasys 450 MC

Vacuum Casting - KLM

Meet Our Rapid Prototype Team

  • Avinash Wadkar
  • Raj Shenavi
  • Kiran Gojre
  • Yogesh Apune
  • Milind Chandashive
  • Pratik Sabale